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Are you seeking help raising your elementary and/or middle school child(ren) in a fully Catholic environment?

Our Co-op

Saint John Paul II Academy is a Catholic homeschooling co-op of integral formation, based on the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Located at St. Lawrence Martyr in Hanover, MD, this co-op serves families with children from infancy to 8th grade. However, participating families must meet one of two qualifications:

  • Have a child 2nd-grade age or older for the full-day K-8 program, or

  • Have a child eligible for the half-day preschool program (usually ages 3-4). [The decision to offer a specialized Pre-K program is determined on a year-to-year basis.]

The co-op fulfills the academic requirements in Literature, Writing, Science, History, and Fine Arts.

Our Mission

We desire to provide a Catholic environment infused with morals and values that helps to ensure the complete formation of the homeschooling family.  Providing cooperative education that integrates spirituality with academic, human, and apostolic development, Saint John Paul II Academy offers the family the essential elements necessary to continue cultivating Catholic education within their own homes.  The fundamental goal of the co-op is to provide an orderly, creative learning environment that promotes moral integrity, provides an interactive teaching and learning atmosphere, and encompasses practical ways of implementing this formation within the regimen of home life.


Our Vision
Raise strong Catholic leaders who will actively pursue the unique mission given to them by Christ at Baptism.

What is a

"Formation Cooperative"?

You may have heard of a cooperative or tutorial program in the context of the homeschooling community.


Our academy is a Formation Cooperative and provides the best of both methods in a rigorous and exciting way.

"The education of the moral conscience... cannot be renounced."

Saint John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio


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