Service to the World

Apostolic formation is the most evident outward sign of our integral formation.  It prepares each of us “to go out to all the world” and serve others using the leadership skills we were taught.  We dutifully respond to the needs of the Church while we influence others through humble works of charity brought about by a conviction to act.  Types of service include:

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  • Silent dutiful acts of service within Saint John Paul II Academy including, but not limited to, carrying a teacher’s workload, helping another student in need, cleaning up a mess, responsibly attending to the duty of the family, and attending to the other children when a mother is occupied with one child.

  • Serve campaigns designed by the older children that will provide the rest of the students with an awareness of the needs surrounding their community and will allow everyone the opportunity to give their time and talents to help meet these needs.

  • Participation in serving the needs of the student’s parish, such as altar service, straightening up the books in the pews, assisting with CCD, stuffing bulletins, and up-keep of the grounds.

  • A leadership role within Catholic boys and girls clubs.

  • A leadership role within the family by living exact obedience especially concerning contributions to the family.

  • Service projects between Saint John Paul II Academy and the affiliated location where the co-op meets.


Apostolic Formation