Registration & Information

2019-20 School Year 

Registration Meeting

___, ___ __ at _:00 _m

St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic Church

7850 Parkside Blvd, Hanover, MD 21076


The Registration Form details the non-refundable costs as well as tutor fees.


There are two semesters:  September-January and January-May.

All costs are paid per semester, due in July and January.

Registration fees are paid to SJPII High School Tutorial and provide for the church rental, insurance, and the online grade management system.

Class fees and study hall fees are paid to each tutor/monitor individually.

The Code of Virtue and Tutor Parent Student Agreement must be signed by both student and parent and submitted with the Registration Form.

Mail forms to: 1313 Water Oak Drive, Pasadena, MD, 21122.

As part of a community working together homeschool our children, volunteer hours are required of parents. This will necessitate a criminal background check for the parent in the family who is volunteering at school.  Please contact the board at for more details.