I love the unit-based approach and four-year cycle with all students in K-8 studying the same era of history, plus having literature, art, and writing spring from that time period. It makes for great conversations around the dinner table. Those discussions provide a chance to learn more than just the content, but also allow us to apply the lessons from history to life in general. You know the saying: those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it…

My children are happy here. They have enjoyed making new friends who share classes with them as well as values and growing up in a love for God and His Church. 

When we joined StJPII, we were simply hoping to find the Catholic environment that was not being provided in the Catholic school our children were attending. We found so much more, though! The camaraderie from learning together, working together, praying together, and having fun together has led to friendships that will persist well beyond our homeschooling years. And it is relationships – with the Lord and with others -- that make life worthwhile.

Before we joined SJPII, I had been searching for something extra to give my homeschool kids, and constantly questioning if I was doing the right thing. I went to mass with my kids one day that SJPII happened to be having their class day. The founder stopped me, and asked if I homeschooled my children... the rest is history! The Lord heard my prayers, and knew my heart. He placed us here, and it has been exactly what I was hoping for. 

One of the greatest benefits from being a part of StJPII Co-op was the growth in my own knowledge of how the Catholic Church has impacted the world throughout history.  It helped me to realize that no matter what we are going through in our lifetime, there is a bigger picture, and God can use all things for our good – if we will let him!


I had filled out the StJPII website form saying “I am interested in your Co-op and would like to know how we can determine if it’s a good fit for my family.”  I am so happy that God determined that the StJPII co-op is a good fit for my family!  We have been well taken care of by the St. Lawrence Martyr and StJPII communities.  We have all become better followers of Christ and look forward to many more years growing and sharing in the truth, beauty, and goodness that God provides us.