High School Tutorial

Absolute Formation leads to Absolute Truth


The vision of Saint John Paul II High School Tutorial is to raise strong Catholic leaders who will actively pursue the unique missions given to them by Christ at baptism. Upon graduation, they will be fully equipped with the tools necessary to make a difference in their environment by impacting others to live with the same integrity, the mission bestowed upon them to be Disciples of Christ, models of Truth.

“The education of the moral conscience, which makes every human being capable of judging and of discerning the proper ways to achieve self-realization according to his or her original truth, thus becomes a pressing requirement that cannot be renounced” (St. John Paul II)


What: High school tutorial for students entering ninth grade through twelfth grade.
Full time and part time enrollment offered.

Where: St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic Parish, 7850 Parkside Blvd, Hanover, MD 21076.


Starting in September (after Labor Day) and ending in May (before Memorial Day). See daily schedule for more details.